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Dew's Paint Drops Studio for local artist, beginners and professionals.

About Us

Dew's Biography


  Born a Cajun in New Orleans, Dew Harvey lived in Louisisana until 1993 when she relocated to Seabrook, Texas with her new husband.  She studied art classes at Louisiana State University for four years, studied under Kathleen Lanigan and numerous landscape painting courses.  Her primary interest is Louisiana swamp scenes, but her works includes all subjects.  Dew has taught art classes to many local artists in the Baton Rouge and Port Allen Louisiana area some of whom are still selling their works.  Her original paintings under the name of E. Lushute were sold primarily  throughout the southern states of Louisiana, Georgia,  Florida, Texas, in addition to California and Canada.

In addition to her art, Dew has owned a restaurant, an oil field supply company, an insurance agency, and a jewelry design company.

Currently selling her work locally under the name of Dew Harvey, she is in the process of re-building her portfolio with the intent of reestablishing her career and starting her own website to display her art.   Dew is currently teaching small groups of new artists the tricks and techniques she's learned throughout the years, so those students will be able to follow their own paths.  You can see Dew's art displayed in galleries through the Houston, Clear Lake and Galveston areas and on her website, In fact Dew's "Remember", painting of a statue on the Galveston beach was one of 22 out of 800 entries that was selected for display in the Moody Methodist church art exhibit hall.

Gary's Biography


 Born in Bogalusa, LA in 1946, Gary went to Southeastern Louisiana  College prior to hiring on with Enjay Chemicals (which later ended up  ExxonMobile).  He spent from 1969 to 1993 in Baton Rouge, LA before  being relocated to Texas to work in Baytown, TX.  Just prior to moving  (like the night before) he married Dew Harvey, formerly Earline Lushute,  and extended his career with ExxonMobile until 2007 when he retired.   

The next several years was spent maintaining their home, boat, and of  course, Dew.  When Dew reignited her career, he attend several of her  classes, then began painting on his own (sort of).  Dew still assist him  during the paining process with assistance in color, texture, and  techniques. 

There are several of Gary's paintings on the website,  and as many more in various stages of completion.  Wastin' Time, his  latest, is currently  displayed in the Moody Methodist Church Art hallway in  Galveston Texas. Previous paintings are Whatagate, Final Destination,  Texas Wild, and Quite Stroll, all of which displayed  are on the Dew's  Paint Drops Studio website.  Other paintings by Gary include Colorado  Dreamin, Launch Pad, NOLA Wants, Easy Street, ( a New Orleans scene of a  street near Jackson Square).  I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. the paining process with assistance in color, texture, and  techniques.